Are you together? Hotel Mix-up and THE ROCK

So we have officially left New England far behind! We said our good byes and headed off to security: “Are you too together?” The trip began on a great start. Of course we are together I am holding his passport and talking to him! Our flight to Chicago was fine, we changed planes and then landed in San Fran. We grabbed our bags, rented the car and hit the road. We found a parking garage near the hotel, took out all of the bags and carried them down the street (all 8 of them) past the sex worker hustling on the corner and to the hotel. Where we found out the room had been rented out and we were to go to Hotel Tomo instead. We took all the bags back to the car, past the sex worker and on to Hotel Tomo, which was quite nice. We got some food and passed out. The next morning was considerably better! We started with a great breakfast from a The Fillmore French Bakery around the corner from Japantown. ImageWe got a taxi and headed over to Pier 33 to catch the boat to ALCATRAZ!!!!

ImageI was so glad that we bought our tickets months ago. The line was quite long.



Pat enjoying the facilities.


WE ESCAPED!!!! (without a spoon)

Next up was the Sutro Baths where they filmed part of Harold and Maude (love that movie).




Next up was the Palace of Fine Arts, which was truly beautiful.






Then we drove back and forth across the Golden Gate Bridge and called it a day!


THREE HOURS LATER: We finally get to Monterey (after a few pit stops for cherries, to dip our feet in the ocean and changed drivers!) Image

The end of our first day in California! YAY!




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